Program Goal

Our aim is to help partially cover the cost of beneficial services to small and medium sized businesses that are current members of the Madison Black Chamber of Commerce.

Participant Requirements

Current and alum MBCC Means Business Program Participants qualify. In addition, any Member of the Madison Black Chamber of Commerce will qualify if they meet the following criteria:
    • Must be in good standing
    • Revenues under $250,000 in the last 12-months
    • Not a franchise business (real-estate, insurance, financial services franchise, etc.)

Covered Cost
Sharing Services

    • Bookkeeping, Controller, Financial Planning & Data Analytics
    • Marketing Planning, marketing & Graphic Design
    • Digital Ad Management (Facebook, Google, etc.)
    • Webinars, landing pages and Lead Generation
    • Sales coaching & support
    • Software/Website Development
    • PEO Monthly Services

Non-Covered Cost Shared Services & Expenses

    • Monthly operational expense (payroll, etc.)
    • Subscription services (e.g., online software)
    • Digital Advertising
    • Rent
    • Utilities (e.g., phone, internet, power, etc.)
    • Emergency expenses not related to the business
    • Capital Expense
    • Equipment

Cost Sharing Packages

Program Enrollment Process

MBCC Means Business Program participants will automatically be eligible for the MBCC Shared Services Program. Businesses that are not part of the MBCC Means Business Program may also apply to receive access to the Madison Black Chamber of Commerce’s Shared Services Program. Applications will be reviewed by the MBCC Means Business team and submitted to the MBCC Chamber President for approval to the program.

Budget, Billing, Payables and Reporting

The program currently has available financial resources allocated to it from the State of Wisconsin Department of Administration Disadvantage Business Grant. Participating businesses will be required to share the cost of the services purchased as well.

Cost-sharing program vendors will contract with Altus to provide services to the MBCC cost-sharing program participants and Altus will be responsible for program payments. This proposed process is done to make administration of the program simpler and to prevent the potential of fraud between vendors and program participants.

The MBCC will receive a report on the program’s revenue and expenses 30 days after the close of the calendar quarter.

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