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This 4-week program will work with the entrepreneur by deep diving into understanding the customer and building or improving their business’ product(s). It will use the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach and more advanced marketing (tradition & digital) to validate customer assumptions and obtain customer feedback.

Program participants will meet in-person twice per week for 4 weeks and one-on-one weekly.


This 12-week program will focus on validating the business strategies and assumptions. It will also include consulting on topics such as:
    • Building a team, and more advanced concepts around the legal needs for their business.
    • Raising outside capital, and why founders want outside partners.
    • Business scaling math
Program participants will meet in-person twice per week for 12 weeks and one-on-one weekly.


Participants of all programs will meet one-on-one to review company-specific goals and objectives. Meetings will be once per week during the program and then once per month for two years after graduating from the program.

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